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    Posted by Rob Nicholson on October 8, 2010, 11:42 am, in reply to "Re: ATE-MK-60 Pressure sensor Repair"

    Hi all

    Reading the posts it is as usual just me that has the shithouse luck!!

    First time I used this company for an Astra 1.6 Multec ECU repair it took alot longer than they had originally said as they had to (unusually) send it to the Dutch branch for testing post repair.

    This time we sent a Sprinter Bosch ABS modulator turnround was 4 days but re-fitted same fault code, removed and returned sent on a Fri we rang Tues (they had received Mon pm) then WE rang Wed, Thurs and Fri to find out Fri they couldn't repair and would return it but they would credit the original invoice. As usual cust ringing twice aday and giving us grief plus not a ten minute job to fit these and bleed diagnostically etc etc

    This said reading the other posts I would use them again... just peaves me when we don't recieve any updates from them and have to chase them ourselves to find out the state of play, and yes I know my fault for not putting the ball in customers court, buy new at silly money or...

    God I sound like 'grumpy old men' on TV


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