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    Renault Scenic1.5 DCi 2004 - Flat battery fault # Archived Message

    Posted by Simon Dean on September 16, 2010, 10:29 pm

    Hi All
    I have a scenic that had 'injection fault' on dashboard and non start/no crank.

    Scan showed d113 minimum voltage reached.
    Found battery virtually flat.
    Charged it and the tested it(bat121)50% start capacity.
    So replaced it cleared errors and started ok.
    Checked for current drain 0.07amps.
    Checked charging Bat121......ok and loaded ok.

    2 days later car back the same....thoughts are alternator smart charge fault possibly.(no drain).
    So testing this systems can some one confirm if this is correct.
    Scope on wire of 2 pin plug at alternator PWM in relation to electrical load will show ecu control.
    Wire to battery from 2 pin plug is just voltage sensing?
    Amps clamp on main alt cable for output.

    Is that it for testing??
    Anyone seen this before with Renault?


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