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    Posted by Paul Howd on August 19, 2010, 8:57 pm, in reply to "Re: BMW Mini 2005-Brake light reset"

    Yep! Thats the one!


    Actually, I did have a little difficulty with this but it turned out to simply be that I hadnt pushed one of the connections fully home. Once I did so everything was fine. FYI the sensors are wired in series 12V to earth starting with the front one IYSWIM. "Earthing" the 12V line will fool the system into accepting that the pad sensors are OK

    On another note. I do reckon that these sort of systems are pretty worthless. In this case each "Axle set" only has one sensor out of four pads. Sods law means that the other three invariably wear down to the metal bfore the sensor is activated! IMHO the "Best" sensors are the spring steel ones fitted to each pad that make an awful racket when the pads wear down. Simple, effective and fool proof! Why bother with warning lights??

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