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The Black Powder Forum and Message Board - For shooters of black powder pistols and rifles - authentic black powder guns, replica guns, single shot or black powder revolvers, etc. If you're into muzzle loading, this is the forum for you! Colt Navy, Army, 1860, Remington 1858, Ruger Old Army, Enfields, .577, .451, .44 - all black powder shooters welcome to this message board!

Post messages on this blackpowder / muzzle loaders BBS on any subject, however offensive posts WILL BE REMOVED!

Please do link back to this forum! Bookmark this page for easy reference!
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Black Powder Forum and Message Board - For all blackpowder pistols, rifles, revolvers - authentic weapons, replica / reproduction black powder guns, all makes - Colt, Remington, Ruger, Enfields, Zouave, Kentucky, Le Page and more...

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