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Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) is unique amongst Catholic charities as it provides pastoral assistance to the Church wherever she is poor, persecuted or threatened. Areas of help include the training of seminarians and catechists, the printing and distribution of religious literature and supporting poor priests overseas with Mass offerings. Church construction, broadcasting radio programmes, providing vehicles and aiding refugees are also given priority. Providing Catholic news on Christian persecution taking place around the world today is another important aspect of our work. Please support us with your prayers and donations.

Catholic News

The Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need’s news service, reports on the Church wherever she is poor, persecuted or threatened. Largely unknown to the outside world, Christians today suffer physical and verbal abuse, imprisonment and even murder.
By the beginning of this decade, Christianity was being described as the world’s most persecuted religion. Yet despite the growing problems faced by many Catholics and other Christian denominations, media coverage of their plight remains scarce.
Our news stories describe the situation in many countries were Christians are denied their basic human rights. Pope Francis has recently said: “Nowadays persecution of Christians is worse than it was in the first centuries of the Church.”
Aid to the Church in Need is able to call on a team of skilled and experienced journalists, as well as the expertise of our project heads, who have a detailed knowledge of the Catholic Church in countries around the world.
Using the information we are able to obtain from these contacts, the charity regularly issues Catholic news items. The Catholic news and feature stories on these pages provide detailed accounts of the daily struggles of Catholics and other Christian denominations determined to remain true to their faith.

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