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  • WE'VE COMBINED SEVERAL OF OUR FORUMS that deal with different brands. Because of the huge growth in spam, all postings must be approved before they appear. This delays the spread of knowledge, but some people are jerks and nice people should not have to read the junk.
    This forum is a free service provided by AbleComm, Inc.
    This forum exists to help phone system users, and prospective purchasers. There are other resources to help dealers.
    Please don't say anything dirty or libelous, or promote scams or violence, or recommend competitors of AbleComm. (WE pay the rent.)
    We appreciate the authoritative help provided by others, especially Carl and SNC. If you are answering a question, it's OK to name your company as a low-key plug.
    List of our websites & blogs
    Brand Products We Support Products We Don't Support
    Panasonic KX-T, KX-TD, KX-TA, KX-TAW, KX-TDA, KX-TDE, KX-NCP/ECS phone systems, and KX-TVS and KX-TVA voice processors No DBS, VB, TES, TD500, T336, T192, KX-TVP systems, consumer phones, cellphones, fax machines, rice cookers, bread bakers, cameras, vibrating chairs, bicycles, baseball pitchers, PCs & printers, Programmator or Voice Mail Master software
    NEC NEC DSX-40, DSX-80, DSX-160, DS1000 and DS2000 phone systems, and IntraMail No Electra, no Elite, no Aspire, no NEAX, no IPS, no Dterm, no VMP, no NVM, no DXZ, no Univerge, no Topaz, no Jade, no XN120, no Strontium 90, no InMail, no USMail, no AspireMail, no TheCheckIsInTheMail, no TIE, no Cummerbund, no Nitsuko
    (now Mitel)
    Encore and 3000 No 5000, 7000, GLX, GMX, Axxess or any other Inter-Tel or Mitel systems
    EnGenius SN900, SN920, DuraFon No data networking equipment, no Senao-branded products
    TMC All
    All 1A2 systems, phones, accessories, wiring

    Useful & user-friendly books by the AbleComm boss.

    We deal ONLY with products that were or are sold in the USA.
    We will also try to help you with telephone wiring, and problems with phone company services. We DON'T support consumer phones.
    • CLICK for help with Panasonic consumer phones, cellphones or fax machines, or call 1 800 211 PANA..
    • CALL 201-392-6258 or EMAIL for help with Panasonic DBS or VB phone systems.
    • CLICK to get phone numbers for Panasonic parts and literature, and repairs, and some other brands.
    • Panasonic voice processors Panasonic, NEC and MItel/Inter-Tel phone systems
    • IMPORTANT TIP: some people search for messages on a specific topic, and then add a question to an old series of messages, but those messages are so old and so far down, that no one sees them and the new question doesn't get answered. Unless you are joining a recent conversation near the top of the first page, ask a new question; don't attach it to an old group of messages. It's fine to answer an old question, but you might not get help if you ask a new question within a two-year-old conversation.
    • Apart from the books, we don't select, control or endorse the the ads you see here. The ads pay for the forum.
    • Effective 7/11/11, we are offering paid-for "live" tech support on some products. Call us at 1.888.225.3999.
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