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For 40+ years, Rusty have consistently offered the best softball on the planet! Why settle for imitation... nothing beats the real thing! As always, Special thanks to our Sponsor The Sports Authority! This is all possible thanks to Ga's Softball Players! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: YOU MUST BE atleast 18 years of age to use this board. This is an adult softball message board with a family feel. The use of foul language, extreme bashing or unauthorized advertising is strictly prohibited, messages containing this will be erased as soon as possible and IP addresses may be banned permanantely. NOTICE: We are not responsible for anything posted on this site, with the exception of posts created and approved by the authorized board administrator(s) and board owner. This is a privately owned web site created for personal enjoyment. Any individual that wishes to post or view any content of this website, including but not limited to the message board, must be atleast 18 years of age and by their use (for the purposes of this website that includes: visiting, viewing or posting) agree to hold harmless any individual involved in monitoring, reviewing or posting to this site. By your use of this site, all terms of use of the board owner as well as boardhost listed below are considered agreed to and fully and freely accepted by you. Viewing this website requires your agreement that this site is not responsible in any way for any misinformation, in any form. Misinformation is assumed to be accidental. If you become aware of any posts that need to be removed or modified, please notify the owner of this web site by phone immediately and we will address items, up to deletion and possible banning, in as timely a manner as possible. Due to repeated spamming, we can no longer allow posting of any items for sale or trade, raffles, giveaways, of any item new or used. The posting of any other web site address is strictly prohibited. We are sincerely sorry, but as in life, the majority have to deal with such rules because of a few. We do offer great space available for any advertisers that pay for it.

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