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    Re: how to afford a grant writer Archived Message

    Posted by C.O. on 8/25/2005, 3:49 pm, in reply to "how to afford a grant writer"

    How about writing your own grant, or picking someone at your organization who is a good writer? Really, there is no big mystery to writing a grant. If you can think and express coherently about what your organization does and what needs it fullfills in the community or the group you serve, and if you can generate a budget (which of course you can or you wouldn't be running an organization), then you can put together a grant proposal. There are many foundation and corporate giving prospect research tools and proposal writing guides to help you get started. For example, visit the Foundation Center's website (www.fdncenter.org). They even have proposal and budget writing templates for you to use and modify according to your needs. It's free. Also many foundations give explicit guidelines concerning what they want to see in a proposal. Just follow their guidelines and answer their questions and you'll have generated a proposal. Foundation research and how to find a good match for your program(s) might be a little more challenging for you. Depending on how close you live to a major city, you might have local access to a subsidiary of The Foundation Center, in which case you can visit their library of funding resources and they will show you how to access their database of foundations. If you do your research in one of these libriaries, it's free. Otherwise, you can access their database online, for a fee. You should also visit your local public library; many of them have foundation directories.

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