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    Re: Donor Lists Archived Message

    Posted by Pat on 8/24/2005, 12:04 pm, in reply to "Donor Lists"

    Ten years ago the CEO of another Catholic school, suggested that we share donor lists; after laughing for more than a few minutes I realized that this yam-head was serious.

    He took umbrage with my attitude - as we say on the south side of Chicago ". . . if he can't take a joke!" His school was in the financial soup, but he was telling the media and anyone else who listened that he was 'raising $ 5M a year. I asked why he needed our Donor List. He said that we must hang together or hang separately. I told him to go hang himself - or something to that effect.

    Donor Lists are outward signs of the the grace bestowed upon our missions - each institution has its own mission. To give -let alone sell - lists is tantamount to simony, or at least sacriledge.

    This CEO Mope resigned on National Public Radio to huzzahs and Hozannas. At the end of that fiscal year, his Board reported that his school enjoyed a two million dolar deficit; FICA had not been paid: vendors went unpaid; and the breast beating began.

    Beware of CEOs and Boards that would commit their Donor Lists to the market place. I hope that this cautionary tale of jerks in non-profits was helpful.

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