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    Re: Budget for buy a building Archived Message

    Posted by Linda Procopio on 7/27/2005, 8:55 am, in reply to "Budget for buy a building"

    I urge you to read and re-read Tony's response to your question. In addition to knowing what building you are considering, you usually need 'site control', (an option-to-buy on the building is a common method of site control.) You need to know that the building can be affordably brought up to code for the occupancy you plan for it. You need to project out income and expenses for running the program within THAT particular building, based on comparable facilities you can refer to in your proposal. You need to document community input, proving that your project is welcome and fills a need in that neighborhood/region. Competition for grant money for capital projects is fierce. Without the type of Project Feasibility 'due diligence' that Tony and I urge you to undertake, you'll be extremely (EXTREMELY!) fortunate if any grantmakers fund your proposal. Another competitive advantage that would add real punch to your proposal is to have first raised about 1/3 of the money needed to purchase the building locally from grassroots giving. That type of community support goes a long way to comfortaing a potential grantmaker that your community will support and sustain your program.

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