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    Re: Matching Funds Archived Message

    Posted by Rex on 7/20/2005, 7:01 am, in reply to "Matching Funds"


    Matching funds can be a challenge, depending on the requirements of the funding source. Must the match be in cash? Or will in-kind (goods or services that support the program and are valued as if they were cash)be acceptable? Must it be local match? Or will state or federal funds be acceptable?

    The hardest source of match is local cash in a high poverty area, but you may be able to find some program sponsors, or you may be able to approach United Way or a Community Foundation for support.

    If in-kind is acceptable, volunteer support is a great source of match. You can usually claim both the dollar value of the wages and fringe benefits that you would otherwise have to pay. If the volunteers are professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) you can use their higher hourly rate. Independent Sector provides annual information on the average value of a volunteer hour, if the funding source will allow you to use their valuation.

    If state or federal funds are allowed to be used as match, and you have staff who are funded by these sources but will be able to work on the program as well, you may be able to use those dollars as match. Be careful here, however, that you are legitimately assigning staff time so that it doesn't violate a federal or state grant obligation. For example, a federally funded Head Start Program that writes a grant for children's health services could assign staff time to this project as a legitimate Head Start activity. If federal funds were allowed as match, then the staff time may be a source.

    I hope this has helped and not confused.


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