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    Sending and introduction to Foundations Archived Message

    Posted by Kate on 7/19/2005, 9:16 am

    At a recent seminar I attended with my ED, a speaker who runs a Foundation mentioned that she won't respond favorably to a proposal from an organization she has never heard of before. My ED now wants to send a one-page introduction letter along with our annual report, bulletin, newsletter, etc., to Foundations before actually sending in a proposal, so that when we do send in a proposal, the Foundation will have heard of us before. I wanted to get your opinion on this strategy...Is it a good idea or just one extra step that will take up time? What should be included in the introductory letter? We want to be able to give them information about our organization, but not too much specific information so that they can't turn us down saying we don't fit what they fund before we get a chance to submit a proposal. I would appreciate any thoughts on this.


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