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    Re: Board Structure Archived Message

    Posted by Sy Lesh on 7/14/2005, 7:58 am, in reply to "Board Structure"

    Gaylene - I was appalled when I first got here some 15 years ago. The college's foundation board consisted of some 20 people, and I thought that was way too large. Today the board numbers over 50, and runs like a well-oiled machine. This is due to the foundation's Executive Director who carefully nominates members and assigns them to appropriate committees. The board actually runs on a committee basis - there are some 29 committees at last count, each responsible for a specific area (alumni, scholarships, community outreach, marketing, audit, finance, etc.)or for a particular project (capital campaign for a new building). The full board meets two or three times a year and reviews committee reports and recommendations. Each committee sets its own meeting times - some meet monthly, some quarterly, some on an as-needed basis. So it is not the size, but how it is structured that makes for a productive board. By the way, every board member is also a financial contributor to the foundation.

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