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    Re: Copying other grants Archived Message

    Posted by also anonymous on 7/13/2005, 11:27 am, in reply to "Re: Copying other grants"

    Yes, this is technically true, however several times I have been in the situation where someone I work with gets a copy of my work and then uses it as their own to submit to another funder. In one case only two words of my original proposal were changed and the proposal was submitted to a funding source I could not access (only a certain department could submit for these " in-network" grants). While my original grant was not funded, his to the "in-network" funding was and he gets ( and takes)the credit for coming up with the program. Somehow this still seems unethical to me. While I may review other proposals to help me develop ideas or gather supporting data, I could never submit anothers work as my own even if it was "technically" owned by the employing institution. And, I question the integrity of those who do.

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