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    Re: Small Organization Needs Advice Archived Message

    Posted by Charlie on 7/12/2005, 6:53 pm, in reply to "Small Organization Needs Advice"

    I wish you the best of luck and can glean from your brief note that you have great intentions.

    I agree with others are saying: 1) focus on donations from individuals, and modest program fees to sustain the organization, and 2) look to collaborate/merge with other similar organizations.

    Here are several observations based on honest feedback that I hope you will take in the spirit of helping you out:

    1) Funders and donors are going to be leary of a nonprofit with a name derived from its founder....albeit I'm sure it's more common in the dance world.

    2) I found having the words - Ministry, Corporation and War all associated with your organization to be just odd and to raise semi-red flags.

    3) Your note had several grammar errors - if similar errors are in proposals, they often lead to rejection. I know in electronic communication there is a more relaxed standard so you may of just been ripping off a quick note with out proof-reading....

    4) I know in Michigan that arts funding has really shrunk and I'm sure this has happened elsewhere.

    5) Do you have a board of directors? What do they say....

    Good luck,

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