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    Re: Budget Template Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Poderis on 7/12/2005, 11:06 am, in reply to "Budget Template"

    Kate---While you are searching for a capital renovation/building budget template, with the possibility the search will not turn anything up for you, perhaps what I have listed below could be a start for you to develop your own budget. If your organization is in that capital building mode, then the architect, project manager, contractor, and other tradespeople, would give you all you need. And/or you might want to simply seek to identify other organizations which would have such capital construction budgets from their building endeavors.

    If you are looking to format the ultimate budget to be in accord with the requirements of funding sources, you will need to know if those potential funders would be wanting each of the budget/construction components to be rendered in a simple, one-line, fashion, or if they want a “narrative” style, enlarged, description. If the latter, you will need to know how much narrative is wanted.

    Thinking back over many capital campaigns, I recall foundations requiring budgets on their terms as described being “narrative,” or “detailed,” or “comprehensive,” or “complete,” etc., budgets. Somewhere, long ago, along the way, we began to submit a “narrative budget” in a fashion we thought to be reasonable, and we continued the practice exclusively without a problem. What was provided in that narrative budget was always accepted (does not mean we got the money all of the time!), and only a few times were we asked to either clarify or amplify a given line item.

    Here is an example of what I am talking about and which time after time was accepted: (Naturally, the line items were presented in a column with their costs stated in an adjacent column.)

    And, as appropriate, we presented the budget as “tentative,” or “preliminary,” or “official.”

    XYZ “Building for the Future” Campaign Budget

    --- General Conditions and Contractor’s fee, including surveys, permits, insurance, rubbish removal, testing and inspection, security services, project manager, etc.

    --- Site Work, including sewer and water lines, earthwork, caissons, curbs and gutters, paving, fencing and irrigation.

    --- Concrete, including slab on grade and footing pre-stressed concrete, etc.

    --- Steel and other metals

    --- Carpentry, including rough and finish carpentry, millwork, trusses, etc.

    --- Doors: frames and hardware, windows and glass

    --- Drywall and metal studs

    --- Acoustical ceiling

    --- Flooring

    --- Wall finishes

    --- Specialties: appliances, etc.

    --- Plumbing, including sprinkler system

    --- Heating, ventilating and air conditioning

    --- Electrical, including electrical rough and finish, site lighting, security, etc.

    --- Furniture and loose equipment

    --- Parking lot: paving and landscaping

    --- Contingency

    --- Professional fees, including architect, legal, civil, mechanical, structural engineering, and landscape architecture; survey, soils engineering, environmental analysis, etc.

    --- Fund-raising expenses, including professional counsel, printing of brochure, stationery, pledge cards, etc., cultivation events, donor recognition plaques, meetings, postage, telephone, clerical support, contingency.

    Kate---not a template by any stretch, but hopefully helpful, nonetheless.

    Tony Poderis

    Link: http://www.raise-funds.com

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