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    Re: seeking advice on how to write an RFP Archived Message

    Posted by Katherine Andes on 7/7/2005, 3:19 pm, in reply to "seeking advice on how to write an RFP"

    Well, you could go to a bookstore and get some ideas from books in the business section. If you have an RFP that you are responding to, then you should just start there and read the instructions carefully, like a zillion times, and simply follow the instructions as best you can. If you are looking to build a generic proposal for now that you can adapt to specific RFPs later, you could start with building a good history of your organization and bios of your key staff. Some of the other responders to this message board have interesting web sites with lots of free information. I learned how to write RFPs simply by jumping in and doing them ... but I started out proofing and correcting and then I just got to the point where I started rewriting them and then writing them in full. Good luck.

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