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    Re: Charity in the US Archived Message

    Posted by Rose on 7/1/2005, 6:52 pm, in reply to "Charity in the US"

    Well besides having a webpage which I already see that you do you should look into available grant programs. Education for children is a big concern not just in the US but worldwide. I have seen grant programs for many countries outside the US and some are available worldwide as well.

    Besides that you should be sure to include your website address on all of your literature.

    Getting sponsors as opposed to applying for grants will require that you go out and get them. This will mean compiling a list of those who would be your most likely sponsors and preparing some sort of presentation package. You will have to make that presentation package very convincing. Sponsors have donated anything from furniture and supplies to buildings and equipment.

    Build up your website as much as possible and optimize it for the search engines - meaning make your page(s) more easily findable when people are doing searches for information that relates to your page. When they enter those search terms in the search engines you will want your website to show as high up on the list as possible of reffered links.

    Also too don't forget to work with what you already have as far as contacts and resources go - you now have a new asset which is your website.

    Link: http://members.aol.com/Roseb441702/grants.htm

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