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    Re: canceling campaign/return of gifts Archived Message

    Posted by Vic on 6/30/2005, 12:32 pm, in reply to "Re: canceling campaign/return of gifts"

    The decision to build next to the hospital was made at the last minute, after construction drawings for another plot of land, next to the organization's offices, had been developed.

    This new piece of real estate came on the market, and the director purchased it within a couple of days, without any discussion with the hospital, and with only cursory discussion with the board. This project has been hampered by a host of similar decisions, and by some financial problems which have recently come to my attention.

    Strategically, it could have been a good decision, had a good relationship been in place prior to the transaction. Based on my recent conversations with their CEO and some research into the corp., I don't think it would have been possible, though. The hospital is owned by a corporation that buys up hospitals in underdeveloped rural areas, and cut's services. They don't put any money into their own development, and based on my conversations with other care providers in the county, haven't been willing to participate in any collaborative ventures. The largest foundation in the state was willing to put up money for a clinic, but the hospital refused to participate. There doesn't seem to be anyone locally, who is able or willing to exert any political pressure, here. It's a very impoverished community, and the unemployment rate has reached 20% in the last year. A hundred and twenty years ago, it was the wealthiest county in the state. There are still many wealthy families in the area, who have lived here for many generations, but based on my observations, they have no interest upsetting the social dynamics as they currently exist. They get their healthcare outside the county.

    Even if the hospital (or anyone at this point), was willing to donate a million dollars, I don't believe the location of the proposed facility would be beneficial to the organization. They need to be linked with a hospital that is actively recruiting physicians and building services. That's not going to happen here.

    Believe me, I wish I had asked a few more questions before I got involved with this organization. Intially they only wanted to raise a million dollars, and were going to finance the rest with operating reserves and financing. The budget has tripled, and they've spent their reserves, and have incurred significant debt.

    At this point, I want to limit the the political fallout, and preserve their relationships with funders, as much as that is possible.

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