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    Re: Who meets with the VP? Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Poderis on 6/29/2005, 9:13 am, in reply to "Who meets with the VP?"

    Kim---You are on the right track when it comes to always working to determine the “best” contact your organization can make with those very precious prospects and donors. That first visit could very well be the last visit. So, we need to carefully plan to build a lasting relationship.

    If you are the grant writer, and you are working for the Director of Development who suggested that you meet with one of the foundation’s board members, you need to know how to convince the D/D of the best course of action. Or you might be the Executive Director who will tell the D/D what the best course of action is.

    No doubt, you have things in good order there, but from your brief note I can’t be certain, thus I am prompted to make the following comments:

    (1) No matter the representative(s) from your organization, be certain that meeting with “one of their (the foundation’s) board members” is OK, and that you do not go over the head of the Program Officer, or foundation Executive Director---or anyone who would be annoyed that lines of communication were not followed.

    (2) Your good intent to get your organization’s President more involved in fund-raising, would be far more effective if your Executive Director (should you not be in that position) do the encouraging. Better yet, another board member, one more experienced, involved, and dedicated to fund-raising, should be the peer-to-peer convincer. That would be much easier if your organization had a Development Committee, the Chairperson being the one to stimulate the President’s appetite for fund-raising.

    (3) Then, the meeting and who goes. Far more often than not, I arranged that two persons meet with such prospective donors. One would be a board member, and the other the staff “expert” best able to either speak in general terms about the organization, or if a specific project, service, or program was to be talked about, then the staff person best equipped to answer any and all questions concerning that need, would accompany the board member.

    There are variations on this theme, to be sure, but this is how I generally worked the process.

    Tony Poderis

    Link: http://www.raise-funds.com

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