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    Re: Concept paper for capital grant Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Poderis on 6/26/2005, 9:27 am, in reply to "Re: Concept paper for capital grant"

    Hello, Linda---and I appreciate the “concept” lesson. This old fellow learned another new thing today, thanks to you. I had not come across the term “Concept Paper for a Capital Grant” before, hence I thought we were in more of a semantics exercise and that we were really getting into the Letter of Inquiry, or Statement of Intention thing. Call it what we will, I am glad I was not far off so as to give faulty information to “mr.”

    I could easily see how a concept could be brought forward when it comes to a program or service---an inspiration to a new and worthy mission. But, to me, a concept (defined as a notion, an abstract, something subjective, an idea, etc.), did not fit with a capital project---something capital being a hard and fixed asset, such as the purchase of a building or land, a renovation, equipment, etc. Nothing conceptual about a capital purchase, I thought.

    Would not the step from “concept” (putting forth the idea) be fairly far removed from the Case For Support? The latter document is really the “argument” for funding of the fund-raising campaign and the project-service. I always thought that the Case For Support required, among other things, the size and the purpose of the goal---and that it is meant to convince prospective donors.

    When asked to present a concept, could it be far too early to try to make the “sale” without the Case essentials, such as being able to explicitly explain what the real problem-challenge is, that we have a concrete example of the need, that we have studied and planned, that we have the organization in place to do the job, and that we are able to relate what the prospect can do to help, and that we are in position to let them know this---what we want from them and why?

    Good and worthy word game, I believe.


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