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    Re: Fee for special event Archived Message

    Posted by Julie on 6/14/2005, 6:29 pm, in reply to "Fee for special event"

    first thing you need to ask is "how good a friend"? Is this friend expecting you to handle this as a donation to their organization, or are they taking professional fees into consideration?

    The blanket way to figure is to draw from your "strong experience". 1: what is the scope of the event? 2: How many hours do you anticipate it will take? 3: What would be your normal hourly rate? Do the math...

    Go from there, explain to friend what fee would look like, see what they were/are willing to spend. If this organization is one you feel strongly about, would you consider a charitable gift (In-kind) of all or part of your fees based on this friend's response and opportunity for PR for your future services?

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