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    Re: Post 911 Additional Fund Raising with product sales. Archived Message

    Posted by Tony Poderis on 1/15/2005, 8:44 am, in reply to "Re: Post 911 Additional Fund Raising with product sales."

    Sarah --- You are welcome. And good luck to you in your marketing venture.

    But, I believe that your marketing strategy is questionable. You said that “Post 9/11 is a new ball game for everyone.” I do not believe that. Fund-raising evidence does not support that declaration, and to me, the 9/11 atrocity has been greatly misapplied in many fund-raising instances.

    Making the advertising "case" for your product in the way which you are putting first and foremost, appears to me to be going in the wrong direction. I believe that you will not be convincing, nor attract business, if the key selling point is to have non-profits ready and prepared for a state of emergency. When those crises do occur, the outpourings of charitable donations will come in any event. Trying to sell your product as a means of funding readiness should crises occur, is a big stretch, I believe, and a non-convincing one at that.

    Just sell based on a non-profit's ability to introduce an additional funding source. You’ll not be convincing that selling your product is insurance for funds when there are disasters.

    Why do I suggest that to you?

    A crisis-driven Internet appeal can net significant amounts of money following a tsunami, hurricane, flood, earthquake, or other disaster. The response in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11 is proof of that. However, an enormous --- and I really mean an enormous --- number of non-profit organizations and agencies throughout the world have no such crisis factor working for them ever. Nor are they wrapped in an emotional appeal that will cause strangers to give them money.

    So, I believe yours is a misdirected sales approach which appears to be based mainly on imminent catastrophes.

    Tony Poderis

    Link: http://www.raise-funds.com

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