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The PowerstikŪ Antenna, Quad End Fed 1/4 Wave Top Load
Unique 4 Element, 22 GA. Wound Magnetic Wire Design
Manufactured According to Original Van Ordt Design
54" Quad Wound Top-Loaded Fiberglass Antenna
4", .125 Diameter Stainless Steel Tunable Tip
3/8"X#24 Threaded Ferrule, Model QS464
Over-Unity Gain, Low Radiation Angle
Rated Power Handling: 1000W PEP
Ultra-Broad Band Performance
10 PowerStiks Left In Stock
4 Pics See Social Website
PowerstikŪ Antennas

No other Manufactured Antenna Packs This
Much Performance into a 54" Radiator
for CB Radio & 10M Applications
Order: 208-276-3172
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